Blog of September 24th

September 24, 2018 8:11 pm

A new installation of GenCell’s G-5 Hydrogen Fuel Cell will begin operation in October at Clean Fuels Associates, Inc. in Glen Burnie, MD.  Founded in 1986 the Clean Fuels now has operations in 15 states in the Northeast and Central U.S.  It is a leader in state-of-the-art fuel cleaning technology.  It is also a leader in the field of green technology and its development.  The choice of a hydrogen-fueled backup power system is an excellent fit with the company’s mission of making engines and equipment more environmentally friendly.

The new installation on the campus of Clean Fuels is housed in its own metal building, and utilizes as fuel industrial grade hydrogen from a contractor-supplied cylinder.  The G-5 unit is connected to an Energy Bridge, also designed and supplied by GenCell, and will initially power an office consisting of a computer, computer lamp, and in gradual addition to the load, the following: cell-phone charger, air conditioning unit, a 1500 watt heater for winter use, and a refrigerator.  The goal of the electrical load ramp-up is to fully test the expected upper limit of 7 KW power supply capability of the G-5 plus Energy Bridge combination.

Intended to be a functional unit providing power to Clean Fuels, it will also be serving as a demonstration unit, open for pre-scheduled visits by prospective back-up power clients for GenCell’s zero-carbon-footprint G-5 systems.  Due to its compact size and lack of noxious emission, we anticipate industry visits by a wide range of power systems users: electric utilities, hospital power plant operators, architects and contractors among others engaged in commercial and institutional constructions that need uninterrupted power for sensitive operations such as high-rise building elevators, and life-supporting medical equipment.  Requests for visits to this demonstration unit are welcomed and can be made by contacting Mr. Phil Richardson of Quantum Energy Systems, at 908-654-3355 (email: or Chris Hartman at Clean Fuels, 401-757-7576 (email: