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Power Utilities UPS Solutions
Power Utilities

When substations experience a power loss, the clock is ticking. Every minute counts – and every minute adds to the crushing cost and risk faced by industries from healthcare to financial markets to national security.

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Commercial High-Rise UPS Solutions
Multi-Family/Commercial High-Rise

Urban areas are the heart of modern society. Thriving, busy, and growing, they need a steady, reliable source of power to keep beating. GenCell fuel cell solutions are designed to keep multi-family and commercial high-rise properties going – even when the grid isn’t.

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Manufacturing UPS Solutions

Are You Prepared for a Power Outage? The hard truth is that the answer for many manufacturers is “no.” Nor are businesses fully aware of the significant impact that even short-duration power losses can have on their abilities to operate optimally, serve customers, and compete in a world that is always connected.

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Educational Facilities UPS Solutions
Educational Facilities

What happens when power is lost in an educational facility? More than just the instructor’s lesson is interrupted. Institutes of learning are tasked with educating students and ensuring their safety, as well as with transmitting and protecting data, communicating with stakeholders, housing expensive equipment, and storing potentially hazardous materials.

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Special Applications UPS Solutions
Special Applications

GenCell’s fuel cell solutions empower organizations in niche industries to keep moving toward critical goals. Whether providing aid in storm-ravaged areas or saving lives in their own backyards, these special entities face unique challenges that require reliable power above all else. GenCell delivers.

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