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Raising the Grade on Backup Energy

What happens when power is lost in an educational facility? More than just the instructor’s lesson is interrupted. Institutes of learning are tasked with educating students and ensuring their safety, as well as with transmitting and protecting data, communicating with stakeholders, housing expensive equipment, and storing potentially hazardous materials.

A reliable source of backup energy is not only essential to education, but also critical in meeting the myriad of other goals and responsibilities under which these facilities operate. GenCell raises the grade on power solutions.

School Back Up Power Solutions


Reliability in an Unreliable World

Twenty-first century schools and training centers depend on power now more than ever, as technology is integral in completing their missions. The load is often too much to carry for aging, strained infrastructures.

Add to this the uncertainties that are all but inevitable – e.g., extreme weather, increasing frequency of brownouts and blackouts, and other pressures – and it’s clear to see that these institutions are at risk. Students and teachers in hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico, for example, went more than 100 days without power. This is unacceptable. But it is avoidable when the right backup solutions are implemented.

GenCell’s fuel cell solutions:

  • Provide immediate 5kW power (peaks of 20kW).
  • Deliver virtually unlimited runtimes – GenCell’s hydrogen-fueled solutions only need a source of hydrogen (the most abundant element in the universe) and ambient air.
  • Produce zero emissions.
  • Run quietly – so as not to disturb learning.
  • Offer remote monitoring options via a desktop or mobile device.
  • Enable easy plug-and-play installation and use.
  • Boast low capital and operational expenditures.

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Meeting Power – and Budgetary – Needs

Educational institutions almost always contend with financial constraints. GenCell power solutions are designed to provide cost-effective answers. With simple maintenance, there is a low cost of operation, and the ease with which the units are installed and utilized make GenCell power solutions a must-have for schools and training facilities.

Compared to legacy backup systems, such as batteries and diesel generators, GenCell’s hydrogen-based energy solutions solve problems instead of creating them. There are no noises, smells, or weather limitations. There is no costly upkeep or need for extensive control rooms. There are no pollutants. There are no batteries to charge or replace. There are no concerns about running out of backup energy before the main power is restored.

There is just reliable, clean power that keeps your facility moving – no matter what.

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