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Are You Prepared for a Power Outage?

The hard truth is that the answer for many manufacturers is “no.” Nor are businesses fully aware of the significant impact that even short-duration power losses can have on their abilities to operate optimally, serve customers, and compete in a world that is always connected.

Get prepared now, before it’s too late. GenCell power solutions provide the backup energy – and reassurance – organizations need to survive and thrive when every second counts.

Leaving Your Business Open to Risk

Increased demand. An energy infrastructure that is continually running at capacity. More frequent extreme weather events. These factors put every business at risk for an outage. Loss of power interrupts production and interferes with mission-critical applications, including telecommunications, data transfer, finances, sanitary conditions, water supplies, and more.

A “short” power loss of 30 minutes can cost medium and large U.S. manufacturers $15,709. For an eight-hour interruption, that cost skyrockets to $94,000. Momentary losses, which many consider a mere inconvenience, can also add up to billions of dollars in economic loss.

Few manufacturing companies can afford this risk – yet so many continue to take it. By relying on legacy battery systems and diesel generators, manufacturers are creating significant vulnerabilities. Batteries last just hours; they may help you ride out a six-hour outage. What then? The batteries must be recharged, and performance invariably degrades over time. Diesel emits noxious fumes and noise, along with offering a limited runtime.

Hydrogen Power For Manufacturing Facilities


GenCell Power Solutions

GenCell’s fuel cell solutions overcome the challenges of conventional backup systems. They deliver immediate injections of 5kW power with virtually unlimited runtime. Whether an outage lasts an hour or a week, your business has the reassurance of a constant, reliable supply of energy.

Your manufacturing facility will also benefit from:

  • Low cost of ownership and easy maintenance
  • Simple plug-and-play installation and operation
  • Noise-free, vibration-free operation suitable for indoor or outdoor use
  • Durable, weather-resistant shelter and performance even in extreme weather
  • Zero emissions
Manufacturing Facility Backup Hydrogen Power

GenCell Fuel Cell Systems for Wineries

Winemakers depend on good weather, great grapes, and skilled experts to produce delicious products. Winemakers also rely on a steady supply of power. Without it, they cannot irrigate sufficiently, store wines at proper temperatures, cool fermentations, operate pumps and press tanks, handle distributors and customers, transmit data, manage finances… the list goes on and on.

A reliable source of backup energy is a must for wineries. As winemaking is so closely tied to seasons and weather conditions, wineries need to keep operations moving in a streamlined and efficient way to ensure harvests are capitalized upon in a timely manner.

GenCell solutions are powered by clean hydrogen oxidized by ambient air. With a steady supply of hydrogen – the most abundant element in the world – wineries can depend on GenCell fuel systems for virtually unlimited runtimes.

From wine to widgets, GenCell powers manufacturing by providing clean hydrogen backup energy for mission-critical applications. Keep moving.

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