Commercial High Rise Hydrogen Backup Power

Solutions: Multi-Family/Commercial High-Rise

Urban areas are the heart of modern society. Thriving, busy, and growing, they need a steady, reliable source of power to keep beating. GenCell fuel cell solutions are designed to keep multi-family and commercial high-rise properties going – even when the grid isn’t.

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City Life

When the U.S. electric grid was designed and constructed, between 14 and 30 percent of the world’s population resided in urban centers. By 2050, that figure will skyrocket to more than 70 percent. To support and sustain a growing population, every city requires a dependable supply of power – but the power supply is under continuous pressure.

As blackouts increase in frequency and duration, the cost to cities climbs. Outages cost major metropolitan areas millions of dollars per hour in lost revenue – to say nothing of putting public security and people’s lives in jeopardy.

GenCell power solutions deliver the reliable backup energy that cities need to function at optimal levels. With an immediate injection of 5kW power (20kW peak), multi-family and commercial high-rise buildings have a solid solution that will activate during a loss of power – and remain running as long as it takes.

High Rise Back Up Power Solutions


The Problem with Conventional Power

An obsolete grid is not the only challenge cities and building owners/residents face. Diesel generators create undesirable noise and pollution. These bulky units not only take up prime real estate, they are costly to maintain and have severely limited run-times. Batteries run down in hours, and overall performance degrades over time.

What if there was a reliable, compact, clean and cost-effective way to deliver power – one that ran as long as you needed? There is, with GenCell power solutions. Learn more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Technology.

The GenCell Solution

With GenCell, owners, managers, and caretakers of multi-family and commercial buildings can take advantage of unparalleled reliability and the ultimate in efficiency. Driven by clean, abundant hydrogen, GenCell fuel cell-powered energy backup systems operate quietly and without producing harmful emissions.

From climate control to security, when it comes to ensuring resident/end-user comfort and safety, GenCell delivers. GenCell powers the mission-critical applications multi-family and commercial high-rise buildings need.

GenCell: energy, when you need it.

Gencell G5 Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell
GenCEll G5rx Hydrogen Fuel Cell Product