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Keeping Utilities Running

When substations experience a power loss, the clock is ticking. Every minute counts – and every minute adds to the crushing cost and risk faced by industries from healthcare to financial markets to national security. The world depends on uninterrupted and reliable power. And utilities can depend on GenCell solutions.

Utilities are equipped with rooms housing backup lead-acid batteries that open all circuit breakers during a loss and keep the breakers open for up to 8 hours. But what happens when an outage is prolonged? GenCell’s G5rx delivers power up to 10 times longer than standard battery rooms.

Power Utilities Back up Power


Engineered for Reliability

Rigorously tested in Europe and North America, fully certified, and flawlessly reliable, GenCell’s G5rx is the future of backup power. With instantaneous power generation, utilities and electric- and integrated-power providers can keep moving.

Whether an outage is scheduled for routine maintenance or unexpected because of extreme weather, GenCell’s fuel cell solutions deliver instantaneous 5kW auxiliary power generation and ensure circuit breaker auto reclosers remain functional until the grid recovers.

Learn more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Power Technology.

Power Utilities Hydrogen Fuel Cell Back Up

Tomorrow’s Technology – Today

GenCell’s power solutions are driven by hydrogen – the universe’s lightest, most abundant element. As safe as, or even safer than, conventional fuels like gasoline and natural gas, hydrogen is oxidized by fuel cells to generate electricity.

There is no combustion of fuel, and thus no polluting CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions. This enables utilities to produce clean energy while building ultimate stability into their capacity to supply power.

GenCell’s G5rx features an innovative Network Operations Center system for real-time, remote performance monitoring and management. Power plants and substations can see, at a glance, the status of their units and current capacities of each substation. This system allows for the instant recovery of critical assets otherwise at heightened risk in the absence of a reliable backup solution.

With GenCell’s backup power generation, substations and providers eliminate the necessity of standby diesel generators. Revolutionary energy management software supports black start processes – adding yet another layer of reliability.

Continuity is critical. With GenCell solutions, power providers and substations can deliver.