Special Application Back Up Hydrogen Energy

Solutions: Special Applications

GenCell’s fuel cell solutions empower organizations in niche industries to keep moving toward critical goals. Whether providing aid in storm-ravaged areas or saving lives in their own backyards, these special entities face unique challenges that require reliable power above all else. GenCell delivers.

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Medical Applications

In hospitals, emergency rooms, treatment centers, and clinics, the cost of outages is measured by compromised health and lost lives. Lost revenue, front-line services, data, privacy, security, and temperature-sensitive equipment and supplies are also at risk.

With GenCell’s unparalleled reliability, medical organizations can provide continuity of care – emergency and routine – while protecting key assets. Unlike legacy battery systems and diesel generators, hydrogen-based fuel cells provide virtually endless runtimes.

Add plug-and-play installation, convenient remote monitoring options, spike-free power output, zero emissions, and cost-efficient, noiseless, vibration-less operation, and you have an ideal backup energy solution.

Medical Application Back Up Hydrogen Power

Municipal Applications

Cities are what drive the country forward – and GenCell keep them operating like well-oiled machines. As populations in urban centers continue to grow, so too do demands on the already-strained power grid. This spells trouble for municipalities.

Outages result in billions of economic losses each year. Thriving cities can lose out on millions of dollars per hour. Sadly, the risks are not only revenue-related. Safety, security, and lives are on the line. GenCell’s backup energy solutions keep the following critical applications running:

  • Traffic lights at busy intersections
  • First responders’ servers and communication systems
  • Antennas for telecom networks
  • Command and control centers
  • Mass transit control systems
  • Heating, lighting, and communications in education facilities
  • Pumps
  • Emergency systems

When areas are hit with catastrophic events, such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes, municipal organizations must be ready to respond for as long as the need lasts. When communities are crippled by loss of power, GenCell fuel cell solutions power vital services in disaster areas, off-grid and poor-grid conditions, and remote locations.

With GenCell, you gain access to self-contained power generation that is:

  • Clean and green
  • Cost-efficient
  • Logistics-free
  • Maintenance-free
  • Fueling-free
  • 50% electrically efficient and 90% combined heat and power efficient
  • Able to operate in temperatures from -104°F to +122°F

You can effectively deliver service 24/7 for 3+ months without worry. Whether you need to provide medical equipment, supplies, or food, you can be sure your items are stored at optimal temperatures.

Energy independence is a worthy goal. And it is an achievable one with GenCell. From water treatment in isolated areas to field hospital operation, remote communication centers and search and rescue command rooms, GenCell has your back – even when the grid does not. See the GenCell back up hydrogen power solutions.