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Solutions for a Connected — and Unpredictable — World

Quantum Energy Systems (QES), a North American distributor for GenCell, provides the industry’s leading back-up energy solutions, delivering consistent, stable power — and the reassurance that utilities, substations, businesses, agencies, medical centers, educational facilities, and other vital providers need. GenCell fuel cell solutions keep the nation, its security, and the economy moving forward.

Hydrogen-Powered Innovation

The United States’ power grid was designed and implemented for a time and conditions that no longer exist. Many components predate the 20th century, and even more “recent” additions have outlived their predicted shelf lives by decades.

GenCell power solutions bring the grid into the 21st century and equip it with the technology it needs to respond to tumultuous weather, global events, and other possible sources of interruption and outage. Our solutions:

  • Inject immediate 5kW power (and peaks of 20kW).
  • Prevent power spikes and loss.
  • Produce no greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Deliver unlimited runtime.
  • Perform even in extreme weather.

Each minute that an outage lasts adds to the mounting cost — both financially and in terms of data transmission and public safety. With GenCell fuel cell solutions, utilities and substations can continue to provide power while working to restore normal operations.

GenCell Hydrogen Solutions Distrubutor

Why Hydrogen?

QES harnesses the power of hydrogen – the fuel of the future. This clean, abundant resource can be leveraged into applications with virtually endless runtimes. Rather than draining energy like batteries do, hydrogen-powered backup energy sources are recharged continuously if they have sufficient supplies of hydrogen and oxygen. The constant recharging results in unlimited runtimes that are critical to services contending with outages.

Our technology ensures that businesses can reduce their carbon footprints — while maximizing their results and their abilities to serve customers/consumers.


The Leading Fuel Cell-Based Power Solution Provider

GenCell, headquartered in Israel, is one of the world’s foremost vendors of fuel cell-based power solutions. QES, with offices in North Carolina and New Jersey, is a North American distributor for GenCell. With both regional and global presences (Latin America, Europe, and North America), customers can rest assured that they will have the support, the access to customer service, and most importantly, the reliable backup energy they need to function optimally.

QES and GenCell keep innovating so the world can keep moving.

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