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GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS

When the only certainty is growing uncertainty, GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS (uninterruptible power supply) offers reliability and reassurance.

In a world that runs on connectivity, power disruptions can be catastrophic – and costly. The U.S. experiences thousands of outages each year. Sustained blackouts drain $50 billion from the economy. Momentary outages add up to losses of more than $60 billion. Far from a mere inconvenience, interruptions in power can derail business’ critical activities, impede lifesaving operations, and prevent the timely and vital transmission of data.

A perfect storm of factors puts businesses and utilities in a hazardous position: aging and strained electrical grids, increased levels of demand, and more frequent extreme weather. With advanced solutions offered by Quantum Energy Systems, entities mitigate risk and ensure a continuous and stable supply of clean power.

The GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS is one such solution. Built with one goal at top of mind – reliability – the GenCell G5 provides:

  • 5kW of immediate, continuous backup power (20kW peak)
  • Unlimited runtime

Highly resilient to extreme temperature, humidity, salinity, and other environmental conditions, the GenCell G5 is designed with minimal moving parts and redundant internal systems. These features, paired with its simple plug-and-play installation and operation, make this GenCell fuel cell solution a must-have for telecom, homeland security, healthcare, and niche industrial markets.

Gencell G5 Hydrogen Powered Fuel Cell


Better Technology for a Rapidly Changing World

The GenCell G5 is fueled by the clean energy of tomorrow — hydrogen. Far more efficient than conventional sources, hydrogen produces no greenhouse gas emissions and overcomes the limitations of common backup power solutions:

  • Hydrogen vs. Diesel: Hydrogen eliminates the lengthy (and costly) startup times associated with diesel generators. Hydrogen also overcomes the issues of noxious smell and loud noise.
  • Hydrogen vs. Solar Energy: While solar energy is a viable resource, it is constrained by weather and daylight conditions. Hydrogen delivers day or night.
  • Hydrogen vs. Electric: The limited battery duration of electric hampers normal operation and impedes outage recovery efforts. Hydrogen can be continually recharged, meaning it’s always at the ready.

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future. And with GenCell power solutions, hydrogen is here today. Learn more about hydrogen fuel cell technology.

GenCell G5 Fuel Cell Product

Designed with Businesses in Mind

A backup power source that makes installation, mobility, monitoring, and maintenance complex is not a solution. The GenCell G5 is built for simplicity: businesses can easily integrate components for immediate plug-and-play operation. With easy annual maintenance, businesses do not have to think about the GenCell G5: they can rest assured that it will deploy into action when needed.

The GenCell G5 offers low total cost of ownership, providing exceptional return on investment. Added to this is complete flexibility: organizations can monitor, analyze, and maintain their backup power source via their control room, web browser, and/or mobile device. Furthermore, the noiseless, vibration-free operation enables the GenCell G5 to be utilized indoors or out.

When business, telecommunications, security, and lives are at stake, the GenCell G5 Long-Duration UPS ensures a continuous supply of power.