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GenCell G5rx Utility Backup Solution

During an outage, the pressure on substations is immense; they must work round-the-clock – in conditions ranging from extreme cold and ice to sweltering heat and heavy wind – to restore power as quickly as possible. The best-case scenario: momentary outages adding up to billions in economic impact. The worst-case scenario: lost productivity adding up to tens of billions of dollars – plus compromised data, failed telecommunications, and lives lost.

Today’s electric grids face a myriad of issues, from aging infrastructure and overwhelming demand to the increasing frequency of “100-year storms.” The GenCell G5rx delivers a 21st century solution to these challenges with:

  • Instantaneous power. The GenCell 5rx delivers an immediate injection of 5kW power (20kW peak). This keeps circuit breaker auto reclosers functional while grid recovery efforts are underway.
  • Unlimited runtime. Reliability is built in. With continuous runtime, substations can resolve issues more quickly – and with greater confidence.
  • Clean power. Powered by efficient hydrogen, the GenCell G5rx produces no emissions, noise, or vibrations.
  • Safety. This GenCell power solution meets substation safety standards and energy profiles.
  • Durability. The GenCell G5rx is housed in a shelter that is highly resistant to earthquakes, electromagnetic pulses (EMPs), and earthquakes. In fact, it is the only utility backup power solution that complies with the IEEE 693 seismic equipment standard for use at electrical substations.
  • Backup to the backup. Substations can rely on 5kW of auxiliary electricity during outages, whether momentary or extended. The GenCell G5rx can supplement legacy backup battery systems with limited runtime or act as a direct source of backup power. The GenCell G5rx also extends battery room operation from 4 to 40 hours.
  • Remote monitoring and maintenance. Ease of use makes this the market’s leading backup power solution.

Hydrogen: Powering the Future

In contrast to limited reserves of fossil fuels, hydrogen is the most abundant element in the world. This environmentally friendly fuel is lighter than air and dissipates quickly. GenCell fuel cell solutions do not rely on combustion; thus, the GenCell G5rx does not emit CO2 or greenhouse gases. This enables utilities to produce clean energy while markedly increasing stability in their power supply.

In addition, hydrogen allows substations to overcome challenges associated with other forms of fuel, such as diesel. Hydrogen does not require lengthy startup times, emit smells, or make noise. Unlike solar energy, it does not depend on weather and daylight. Utilities also eliminate the worry caused by short-lived batteries, which can deliver just 6 to 8 hours of power.

Hydrogen is the clean energy of tomorrow. With the GenCell G5rx, utilities and substations can realize the potential of hydrogen today. Learn more about Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology