NESEA Conference Oct 3-4

October 8, 2018 10:34 pm

We had the opportunity to attend the Northeast Sustainable Energy Association conference in New York City on the 3rd and 4th of October.  This is a once a year event that pulls in a large number of participants in green energy projects from the New England and middle Atlantic states.  The conference started on Wednesday with a three hour pre-conference workshop and reception followed on Thursday with four one and one & a half hour sessions of six panels each.  Admittedly it was a lot to take in.  Fuel cells, and GenCells in particular, can be a good fit in backing up the emergency power needs for fire houses and police stations and can easily fit into the capital budget when older communities finally decide that their municipal building stock really does need repair and/or redesign.  Fuel cells, because they can be installed either inside or outside and on any floor of a building, provide a power source without the exhaust and fuel problems of the usual generator.  Gencells provide reliable back-up power for elevator banks in high rise buildings and, with the introduction of an ammonia sourcing device for the hydrogen supply schedule d to be introduced in 2019, a long term continuing power supply also. With some states starting to look at financial incentives to encourage the use of fuel cells planners are beginning to talk about them as an option.