Quantum Energy System Launch

June 27, 2018 10:00 am

Quantum Energy Systems LLC was organized in the Fall of 2017 after extensive marketing research, field surveys, and the successful negotiation of a five year distribution agreement with GenCell Energy of Israel. Initially, QES was located in The Research Triangle Park, NC area where some of the founders live. The Company relocated to New Jersey in late 2017. Since its formation the learning process has continued – from the science of hydrogen fuel cell technology to the varying state and local government regulations for the use of industrial hydrogen, the source of energy for the GenCell.

Early on came the sale of a single GenCell G5 unit to an associated company in Maryland. The installation of this unit has been a valuable learning experience. We are looking forward to July when we will have this model unit up and operating – delivering energy as required to this key operations center. All QES owners (Members) are welcomed to visit the site, to bring allies, partners, and prospective buyers and to observe the GenCell G5 in action. Call us at (908) 654-3355 for more information about this site.

While QES managers have been working on the North American market, GenCell in Israel developed and tested an important, complementary technology which uses aqueous ammonia (NH4OH) as the source of hydrogen for the fuel cell. Using aqueous ammonia substantially reduces the cost of the resulting electricity and simplifies the transport and storage issues involved with hydrogen itself. This is of major importance in areas using electrical energy produced from generators powered by diesel fuel.

Please expect more updates very soon, and thank you for your ideas and interest in our Company.